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It’s been a while since we posted an update, so we thought we’d let you know what we’ve been up to recently!

This year we celebrated our 16th birthday and as it tradition we enjoyed cake to mark the occasion!

A square cake with the number 16 in fondant icing - the 1 is a woman with blonde hair lying down with a breastfeeding baby lying next to her. The 6 has a boob in the centre. The background is a pink table cloth with white polka dots.

We our so grateful to all our volunteers who make the weekly support group possible. However, we also wouldn’t be here without our parents! We don’t charge for our group, so we are entirely reliant on donations to keep running. We want to sage a huge thank you and shout out our fantastic supporters!

Here are just a couple of the fundraising activities which took place this year.

Spinnaker tower with someone abseiling down the side
Abseiling down Spinnaker Tower
Square cake covered with purple fondant icing, on top are a man and a woman made out of fondant with a superhero cape and a pair of boobs. The writing on the cake says thank you super heroes, Breatfeeding Babes Bursledon.
Celebrating our fundraisers with cake
Cupcakes with brown and pink icing and marshmallows in the middle to look like boobs.
Baby and Toddler Pre-Loved Market

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who comes along to our groups, you make them what they are!


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