Summer holiday group arrangements

Breastfeeding Babes are pleased to announce that all of our groups will continue to run as usual during the summer holidays this year, with only one of exception. Our Botley group will not run on 14th August due to the closure of the Children’s Centre that day, but our Fair Oak and Bursledon groups will be running the following day for anyone who needs support that week.

Please note that during the holidays, there may not be a breastfeeding counsellor present at every session, but peer support will be available and our team will have telephone access to a breastfeeding counsellor and/or midwife if necessary. Also, please be aware that all of our sessions are run by volunteers and they may need to bring their older children along to groups with them during the holidays. All efforts are made to ensure that the children disrupt the sessions as little as possible.

We hope that you have a fabulous summer and look forward to seeing you at our groups during the holidays 🙂


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